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·      Dipl.-Ing. engineer technical science

·      Certified Spring Professional (Core 3)

·      Sun Certified Java Programer

·      Sun Enterprise Trainer

·      Sun Certified Enterprise Architect

·      OMG Certified UML Professional

·      IBM Certified XML Professional


Interested Topic Overview:

·      System – and Enterpriseconsulting.

·      Coordination of Projects.

·      Design and Analysis with UML.

·      Distributed multitier applications with J2EE.

·      JSP, Java-Servlets, EJB’s.

·      EAI solutions.

·      Webapplications and E-Commerce architectures.

·      Javascript and HTML.

·      Java, C# and C++ Analyse, Design and implementing.

·      ASP and .NET implementation.

·      Courses for IT themes and Programing-languages.

·      Objectoriented Softwaredevelopment.

·      Windows and UNIX.

·      Conception and development of Client/Server-Applications.



I am available for courses and short consultings on demand at all time.

In 100% availability projects i can start in quartal



Courses and short consultings can be held all over germany and foreign countries as well.

For longer projects munich is the prefered location.



On demand.


Experience since:

about 23 years